I believe in Treehouses because they will change the way we live. With a living foundation that grows as you do and dances in the wind, you will develop a relationship with the natural world. You will gain an elevated view of the land around you, and see your home from a new perspective. Your trees will become friends, truly a support group, rather than something that fills your gutter or blocks your view... They might even start talking to you. A Treehouse will enhance your imagination, free your spirit, and ease you into a more relaxed state. It’s amazing what our clients have said as we have wrapped up projects. One client would come home from work and I could watch his head lift, shoulders drop, and chest expand as he walked across the lawn to help us with the Treehouse: “you guys are literally making my dreams come true!” he would say, grin expanding, “Alan, my dream is to spend my life building Treehouses- you are making my dream come true.”

Every day, in my relationships and as I build, I try to continue to fulfill my main offering: "that every moment is holy, every inch is beloved."

-Michael Murphy