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Next step:

Schedule a site visit.  Site visits that can be done in a single day range from $250 to $750 depending on travel and time on site.

We can do extended site visits and travel out of state and country, client will cover travel and time costs.

Site visits involve a lengthier discussion about what Treehouse is right for you and why we are the best choice for your particular Treehouse needs, (we will refer you to our dear Treehouse building friends if we can imagine a better fit ), walking your grounds and selecting and inspecting the tree(s) for your Treehouse or platform.  After discussing the primary function of your Treehouse, your Treehouse dreams, your budget, and the potential of your particular trees and site, we will begin a conceptual design. 

Final step before breaking bark:

Schedule a mutually agreeable start date and pay a deposit.  We do not begin detailed designs until a deposit is received.


An alternative to a traditional site visit is a personal Treehousing course designed for the d.i.y. Treehouse builder.

Treehousing 101 is a course tailored specific to your property and needs.  It can be one hour or a full day and includes site selection, tree health and risk assessment, how best to attach to your tree for your specific Treehouse desires. We will bring samples of the latest in Treehouse attachment technology and show you how "the pros" do it.  We also connect you with the right two Treehouse hardware suppliers for you.  Treehousing 101 usually takes 2 hours but can take an entire day if we walk grounds, select tree, and design your foundation and Treehouse with you. Cost of Treehousing 101 is $200+travel for a short class and $500+travel for a full day. 

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