We maintain a practice of sourcing our materials locally, regularly using the branches of your trees, re-purposing weathered materials and milling our own lumber from trees we remove throughout the year in the greater Seattle area. We do also support a number of great local companies in search of our Glued laminated timber beams and our framing would.  Most of the wood we mill personally and salvage you will see in the finish work of our Treehouses.

We like to use organic materials such as sheep's wool and recycled denim insulation as we move toward biodegradable housing.  This being the great, rainy northwest, we use a number of plastic based products in order to maintain a climate within a Treehouse so that it doesn't just become a home to mildew.  We use plastic vapor barriers and roofing paper, but ultimately I hope to build dwellings in trees and on the ground that will last indefinitely under a waterproof roof, but that you can ultimately remove the roof, use that elsewhere, and allow the rest of the building to return to the earth the way a fallen tree does. 

Building with wood allows us to build living, breathing homes that you can disassemble after hundreds of years, use the wood to build a barn and use for another hundred years, then lay the lumber on the ground and watch the stored energy return to the earth and the worms and become trees again.